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The SeamlessTV Partner Program is open to all parties interested in practicing MONKEYmedia's patented technology and methods in connection with DVD players, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, DVRs, smart TVs, PC video players, mobile devices, discs implementing telescopic video features, and the transmission of telescopic advertising and other optional viewing materials. Learn More...

Recent News

  April 4, 2017   MONKEYmedia Wins 3 New Patents for Solving Simulator
Sickness in Virtual Reality and Drone Piloting
  March 29, 2017   7-year Lawsuit Dismissed after All Major Motion Picture
Studios License MONKEYmedia Technologies
  October 17, 2016   MONKEYmedia Patent Suit against Movie Studio
Defendants Continues after Settlements with Apple, Sony
  July 11, 2016   [MIT Press] Walk-in Theater: Interaction Design for a
Miniature Experience with Peripatetic Cinema